MA Luxury Timepieces Service

Please review your warranty card for warranty details.  MA Luxury Timepieces timepieces carry lifetime warranties against manufacturing and performance defects.  MA Luxury Timepieces recommends complete service overhauls of your MA Luxury Timepieces timepiece every three years.  Service overhaul includes complete disassembly of the movement in your MA Luxury Timepieces timepiece, complete cleaning of every component, reassembly and oiling, appropriate testing and adjustments, and polishing of the case.  Please email us at to request current service pricing information prior to sending your timepiece to us for service.

*NOTE*  Please read your warranty card for warranty details or prior to purchase, please ask your retailer to provide you with the warranty details.  Some issues may not be covered under warranty, and there will be a service charge.  Warranties are not transferable.  Be sure to include your warranty card and to package your timepiece according to the shipping guidelines of your chosen shipping company and insure it for the appropriate value.  

New (replacement) bracelets, straps, buckles, and deployant clasps may be purchased directly from MA Luxury Timepieces.  Please email us at for pricing information.  Please be sure to include the model number, name, and description of your MA Luxury Timepiece.

Please include $20.00 US for return shipping & handling payable to Montres Allison whenever sending your watch in for service or warranty work.


CLICK HERE to open the printable service form.  After you open the link, please print the form, fill it out thoroughly, and follow the instructions for sending your timepiece to MA Luxury Timepieces Service.



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